Philip Staley wineyard is a small, family-owned grower/producer of fine wines located in the Alexander Valley near Healdsburg, California, amidst some of the most beautiful country on earth. But if you are touring the wine country here, you won't know where our vineyards are (but they are located in El Dorado County, Sonoma County (Dry Creek Valley, Knights Valley, Russian River Valley, Petaluma Gap appelations) or our winery is. And that's a pity, because it is small wineries like ours that are producing some of California's finest wines. Fortunately, you now can taste our wines at Family Wineries Dry Creek. Some of the wines we are now featuring include white wines as Chardonnay, Duet a classic French White Bordeaux of Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon, Rhone specialty Viognier. Our Reds include varietals like Grenache, an Iberian Blend, Pinot Noir, Syrah and Tempranillo and a Vino Tinto Spanish Blend one of Phil's favorites. And for those of you enjoying dessert wines a Vino Doce Branco Muscat Port and Vino Doce Vermelho Syrah Port.

PHILIP STALEY WINES available from F H Wines

2014 Duet Dry Creek 2014 Viognier 2014 Rosé of Sangiovese
2013 Grenache 2012 Grenache 2011 Vino Tinto
2011 Syrah 2011 White Port of Muscat (375s) 2011 Late Harvest Semillon (375s)
2010 Vinho Dulce Muscat
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