Jérôme Aubin, has been working in the wine industry in France and the United States for the last 15 years importing French oak barrels and tanks from Rousseau of Burgundy, St Martin of Bordeaux, Allary of Cognac, A&K of Missouri and Balazs of Hungary. In 2008 and 2009, Jerome started to import and distribute wine concrete tanks from Nomblot of Burgundy and stainless steel tanks from Lejeune and Nomblot. He was able to start a new brand of barrels - Artisan Barrels Selection - in 2010, working closely with coopers in Hungary and France who make the barrels following certain specifications. His ongoing career in the barrel business enables him to visit yearly over 300 wineries in California, Oregon, Washington, New York States in the United States and British Columbia, Ontario provinces in Canada. From these numerous barrel tastings, he acquired a taste for different styles of wines, expressing in each a unique quality. He sought to benefit from this fruitful interaction with winemakers and the visits to various wine producting regions to inspire his own style and select the best possible grapes.

AUBIN CELLARS WINES available from F H Wines

N V Verve Sparkling Wine, Orgeon 2013 Verve Chardonnay, Alexander Valley 2009 Verve Pinot Noir, Monterey Old Vines
2009 Verve Pinot Noir, Laeticia vyd, Arroyo Grande 2013 Verve Pinot Noir, Croft vyd, Oregon 2008 Verve Syrah, Sonoma Mountain
2008 Verve Syrah, Columbia Valley 2011 Verve L.H. Gewurztraminer, Oregon (375ml)
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